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facial enhancments…

glycolic       35

For a deeper form of exfoliation that freshens the skins appearance leaving new layers of healthy, smoother, glowing skin. Great for fine lines, enlarged pores, mild acne,hyperpigmentation, and lack luster skin.

retinol mega dose       25

Purest form of vitamin A works inside the skin to diffuse lines, smooth surface wrinkles and crows feet, even skin tone, and aid in cell turnover.

vitamin C mega dose       25

A must have antioxidant that helps collagen production for firmer more youthful looking skin while diminishing hyperpigmentation.

signature masques       35

◾ deeply purify
Neutralizes oil, gently removes dead skin cells, and minimizes pores.
◾ calm & soothe
Eases redness and other signs of irritation.
◾ hydrate & revive
Plumps lines, softens surface wrinkles, and provides hours of age-fighting hydration.
◾ brighten & clarify
Revives undernourished skin to reveal a youthful glow while working to neutralize free radicals.

cooling masque       40

This masques cooling effect is great for soothing rosacea, sensitive, recently resurface skin, and environmentally damaged skin.

led light therapy       20

Red light- works to stimulate collagen production in aging skin.
Blue light-helps fight against acne.
Green light- works to calm and soothe irriatated skin.

micro current       60

*view micro current facial under
Focused Skin Treatments.
This non invasive innovative treatment is designed to lift and tone your skin giving it a firmer more youthful appearance.

microdermabrasion       60

*view full facial under Facials.
Remove dead skin cell build up and smooth surface lines while stimulation collagen production with this diamond tip microdermabrasion machine.